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05 August 2019

CEMEX invests £1m in UK ready-mix concrete plant

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Workers at the Bramshill Quarry site

CEMEX has invested £1m in a new ready-mix concrete plant at its Bramshill Quarry in Hampshire, UK.

The new Liebherr 2.25 mobile mix plant replaces the Eversley ready-mix plant, which has served the local market for many years but will now close as the Bramshill site nears completion.

CEMEX says that the new modern, upgraded plant will vastly increase the output capacity to serve both large contracts and the local market. The inclusion of a central mixer also enables special products such as traditional sand cement screed and flowing screeds like Supaflo to be produced, increasing the product range available.

As the plant is sited directly in the quarry, it means materials will no longer have to be transported from the Bramshill site to Eversley by truck, which CEMEX says will dramatically decrease the number of trucks on local roads and offer substantial ecological advantages. With only cement now needed to be brought in, CEMEX says this should equate to 10 lorries less each day on the road.

The plant will have a storage capacity of 300 tonnes of cement, and 240 tonnes of aggregates. CEMEX says it will be now able to increase production from 24m/h (at the existing Eversley plant) to 80m/h, while using a wet batch plant will ensure a better quality and strength of mix.

Peter Hawker, operations manager at CEMEX, commented: “This is a long-term investment by CEMEX into the Bramshill Quarry that will generate considerable benefits for our customers and the environment, for years to come. The plant is very modern and ensures we can meet increasing demand, getting the customer the product they need on time, while also offering a greater range of mixes.”

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