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15 February 2019

Kespry launches site planning toolkit for aggregates and mining

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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The planning toolkit automatically compares site data with that gathered in previous drone flights

Drone and aerial intelligence company Kespry has launched a site planning toolkit designed to increase profitability, productivity and safety at aggregates and mining sites.

Its features include tracking of earthworks and site status with elevation profile data. The Kespry Cross Section tool automatically generates elevation profile lines created in the Kespry cloud and can automatically compare that profile to data from previous flights or a design plan. US-based Kespry says this enables site managers to access and assess site progress with greater detail.

A 3-D volume modelling tool is designed to enable users to create a 3-D polygon when calculating the quantity of material to be removed for proposed excavation and blasts. The company says this enables site managers to more accurately estimate quantities to better plan and schedule earthmoving operations.

George Mathew, CEO and chairman of Kespry, commented: “Same-day, accurate analytics mean the elimination of production delays caused by long data capture and analysis processes. Now, site owners and operators can quantify the amount of material moved or blasted across active sites in granular detail and as frequently as their businesses need. We’re delivering on a comprehensive vision that allows professionals across these industries to make the most profitable and timely decisions possible while meeting safety and compliance requirements.”

A compliance and safety tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically detect, monitor, and alert users of non-compliant and dangerous slopes, berms, roads and benches throughout the site.

“In a quarry situation, you have to deal with high walls,” said Ken Kampman, survey manager and operations manager, Fred Weber Construction. “When you get down there at the bottom of those high walls, you risk facing falling rocks. Kespry keeps us away from the walls, it keeps us away from the top of the berms. Kespry also keeps us out of the path of any quarry trucks, dozers, and all that stuff. It just keeps us away from any potential danger."

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