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12 August 2019

Health & Safety vigilance emphasised in new industry podcast

First publishedon www.AggBusiness.com
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It’s great when Health & Safety is going right in your business, but it’s easy to become complacent and relaxed, leading to a drop in standards.
In the latest episode of The Interesting Health & Safety Podcast - titled ‘Look at Your Business When Things are Going Right’ - host Colin Nottage emphasises the importance of challenging things when they are going well by looking more closely at how your employees are operating to make sure you are keeping them accountable, and that they are not letting you down by risking their health or others wellbeing.
Health & Safety expert Colin recalls anecdotal evidence from his time at an industrial plant in Wales to drive this point home, and encourages you to take the burden away from employees reporting dangers to yourself by asking your business and team ‘How do you ‘do’ your job?’ and listening to the answers. You may find there are previously missed hazards or dangers that your employees are just ‘coping’ with. Colin argues that you need to identify these and challenge yourself to stop them happening.
Through his consultancy, Influential Management Group (IMG), Colin works at a strategic level with company owners and board members, helping business leaders establish and achieve their health and safety ambitions.
Click here to listen to the latest podcast episode

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